My Treasure …


Today … I am thankful.  Thankful for hugs and kisses.  Thankful that God fulfilled my lifelong dream of being a mommy.  Thankful that all of my children are still alive. Thankful that I have the opportunity everyday to tell them that I love them and that they are treasures to my heart.

~ Do your children know how thankful you are for them?~
~ Do they know that they are your greatest treasure? ~
~ Do they know you will love them ALWAYS? ~

The amazing thing that I have learned as a mom is that even when I forget to let them know those things ~ they often remind me how thankful they are for me and how much they love me.  Let’s purpose together to not miss any moments to be thankful for the gift we have of each other.  I pray that this song will be a blessing to your heart and that your treasures will remember that you will love them …ALWAYS.


My Treasure

Jodi Ries

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