My Favorite Gifts #2

coverQ&AOH DO I EVER LOVE THIS – and for so many reasons.  It’s a 3 year diary that documents the answers your child gives to chosen questions.  I appreciate Q & A for Kids for its ability to help create communication skills by prompting conversations between a child and his/her parents. However, just consider the ultimate worth of a completed  “legacy book”.  PRICELESS!   My daughter-in-law introduced me to this book.  “I just knew you would love it!”  She knows me well.

I wish I could send a copy of this journal to each of you, our Fireflies’ readers, but I’ll have to settle for giving away 3!   All you have to do to win is to respond to this post by posting a question you would include in Q & A for Kids by Betsy Franco.  Post a question in the comment section  below and maybe you will win!  I sure hope so.   To help you get started, here are some sample questions from the book:

  •  If you could go back in time and change something, what would it be?
  • What is the best gift you have ever gotten?
  • Did you hurt yourself lately?  What happened?
  • Tell me something about your best friend.  Why is he/she your best friend?

Think about how your child will answer these questions this year and then each of the next two years.  Now, imagine reading this legacy treasure in 20 years.  Yes indeed – this is a favorite gift (for ME..) this Christmas.

Q&A page

A sample of pages from Q & A for Kids.

Description from
A journal for parents and children ages roughly four to ten (although age range is flexible) to share the evolution of thoughts, feelings, and dreams over the years. Also great for kids who want to keep a time capsule of their own whimsical thoughts and serious ideas about the world.

Inspired by the previous bestselling Potter Style title, Q&A a Day, this journal is the perfect family keepsake. A question by children’s author Betsy Franco is featured for each day with only a few lines provided for a response, making this journal the ultimate no-fuss record keeper. Simply turn to today’s date and record your child’s answer. When you finish the year, move on to the next section. As the years go by you’ll notice how your child’s answers evolve, sometimes silly, sometimes precocious, but always interesting. The diary can be started on any day of the year and makes a terrific keepsake or gift for parents.

COMMENT BELOW for a chance to win a copy of Q & A for Kids!

Deni Corbett


  1. My question would be: “Why do you think you are here on Earth?”

  2. Stacey madison says:

    I love to hear my children talk about Heaven. There is always a sense of awe when they talk about it, so I would probably ask them “what do you think Heaven will be like?”

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