Linda Werner [part 2]

Raising children with a heart of gratitude

Linda Werner stops by our Chasing Fireflies Podcast for a conversation about three life-changing passions – family, homeschooling and raising thanksgiving children. Linda heads the women’s ministry Legacy Principles and, along with her husband Jim, leads the large homeschooling organization Circle Christian School supporting Central Florida families.


The Jim & Linda Werner Family

In part 2 of the conversation with Gil Moegerle, Linda shares how to raise children who instinctively express thanks, and why developing a grateful heart in your child is so important.  Linda will inspire and motivate as she shares from her heart.   Let us be the first to say – THANK YOU Linda Werner for being you and sharing your gifts so generously with Fireflies!  You are a treasured friend.

If you subscribe to FirefliesBlog, you know that we believe parent must be intentional about expressing gratitude and training their children to do the same.  Each month, Fireflies’ contributor Amanda Hampton shares perspectives on gratitude as well as specific ideas on ways to say thanks in the home.  [Click HERE to see the Hampton’s gratitude wall.]

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