Apple Painting


Have you seen those “Pinterest vs. Reality” snapshots?  Generally, the craft idea is perfectly adorable, however, in reality, perfection is just not attained?  Well, that’s what this post was for me.  I had the plan, the adorable little samples already made, the perfect write up in my head and then reality set in.  Though I may not have had a perfectly constructed craft made by a rambunctious two-year old (who clearly was set on acting just like the T-Rex on his T-shirt), I did end up with something better.  No, not the red paint footprints all over the deck.  I ended up with some priceless time with my growing-up-too-fast toddler.  Better yet, I have some photos to remember that unseasonable warm Autumn day when my little dinosaur and I created memories.  So yes, I have a great craft for you today but more than some cute apple stamping, I hope you will end up with some of the precious memories that I came away from this project with.  Oh and hopefully a cleaner deck.

My Pinterest worthy plan:

Here is what we’ll need:

  • Apples
  • Cutting Board
  • Knife
  • Sharpie or black permanent marker
  • Red Paint
  • Green Paint
  • Paintbrush (only if you have a little guy who isn’t content with the color of his apple)
  • Paper Plates
  • Art Paper
  • Burlap Bags or Small canvases (I found some at Hobby Lobby that were adorable).  The ones I found are pictured below.


Cut an apple in half.


You’ll need quite a glob of paint on a paper plate to start with.  Go ahead and get your apple in there and evenly covered.


Press onto your burlap treat bag.  After its dried, you can just come right back with a black permanent marker and add the stems and the seeds.



Alternatively or additionally, you can press the apple onto the mini canvases and create perfect little masterpieces.



My Reality:

One adorable boy who loves making messes is given food with paint on it.  I should have thought to warn him that not all craft projects in this house are edible EVEN if they are made with an edible item.  That would have eliminated the need to stop our photo shoot and get all of the paint out of his mouth.



“So far, so good”, I thought.  I mean have you ever seen a more perfect stamped apple than the one that Levi stamped below on his practice apple paper?



Let’s see if he’s just as talented with the red paint before we move to the canvases and bags.


Not too bad!  But here’s when he discovered that his cut apple wasn’t as red as the red paint apples on the paper.


So, naturally, after some good fit-throwing, he remedied that problem.


And in the process ended up with the most precious little red hands.  Of course, he stepped in the plate of paint as well and thus, the tiny size 8 bare foot prints on the porch.  After this point, there was no use in trying to get him interested in my sweet little burlap bags or adorable canvases and why would I?  He was having a blast!


So what I set out to do with my painting WITH apples craft was turned simply into painting  apples by my little T-Rex.  And I couldn’t be more thrilled with his artistic changes.


Happy painting and happy fall, y’all!

Author: Rachel Skvaril
Sugar Artist



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