Boys will be boys


Growing up as the baby in a family of two girls, this phrase never really meant anything to me. It was one of those things I would hear but never could smile and nod my head in agreement from personal experience. You know, those conversations where a story is told of some silly little boys making a mess and the women all just shake their heads and say, “boys will be boys.” At my house, we didn’t have plastic bugs and snakes lying around or any traces of stinky boys.

When I became pregnant with our first son, my husband and I would talk about how much of an adjustment this was going to be for me. Being raised by my mom and big sister, having 3 daughters, and now having a son…this was going to stretch me in ways I could never imagine! And to top it all off, I am a nurse who likes for everything and everybody to be clean!

Now we have two boys ages 3 and 1 and the other day after Bible study was the first time I really was able to celebrate their adventurous spirits without shuddering on the inside about what kind of mess I would have to clean up afterwards. It was a brisk, fall morning where the rain had cooled the earth. We were leaving the building when my sons ran into the open gate at the playground. There were big puddles under each swing and they both headed straight for them. Fully soaking their shoes and pant legs as they jumped and splashed while hanging over the swings.

I decided to take a couple of pictures to help me document the change in my heart. I felt deep gratitude to God for reshaping me and for helping me delight in what fun my boys were having. It caught me by surprise and I tried to soak it all in reminding myself that they are only little once. Clothes, shoes, and muddy feet could be washed but the memories that were made far outweighed the mess.

Maybe this is something that is easy for you. Or maybe you have struggled like I have. Is there a place in your heart that you want control of that steals the joy you could be experiencing? My boys may not ever understand how monumental that day was for me. God broke through my selfish wishes and helped me pause and let my boys be their wild and adventurous selves…guilt free! And I am forever grateful.





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