Legacy Pillows

Kine pillow

The beginning of the KLINE Cousin Pillow project!

Each day this week we will highlight a special new Chasing Fireflies product that

will be available at our Open House this Saturday, October 26th!   Spread the word and meet us there…

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Legacy Pillows

Do you remember those white fabric autograph dogs with the pen attached to the collar?   I really enjoyed collecting friends’ autographs and the memory of my autograph dog was the motivator behind the creation of our Fireflies’ Legacy Pillows.

aka “Cousin Pillows”

One of my friends renamed these “Cousin Pillows” and is going to have all the cousins in their family sign one, which will then become a treasured Christmas gift!   I loved this idea and started working on cousin pillows for my own little ones (even though #5 won’t arrive until next week).

 I began by creating a hand template for each child.  Next, I traced each template onto 5 different pillows and allowed the children to write their name and/or decorate their hand.


Davis [5 years old] gets ready to trace his hand for the cousin pillow.

Here is the beginning of our Corbett Christmas “Cousin Pillow”.
I can’t wait for the finished product:  three boy pillows and two girl pillows are in the production queue!


18 month old Caroline’s creative contribution to the cousin pillow

whole side

More ideas….

  • Have all the grandchildren sign a pillow for Grandma and present it to her this Christmas.
  • Sister pillow gifts.
  • A lovely gift for someone who is shut-in…  a patient in a hospital or nursing home.
  • Merry Christmas to my favorite teacher!   Have each student sign their name to create a special keepsake for their teacher.
  • Create a pillow that speaks truth [POST] into your child or grandchild.  Share a quote or verse by writing it out on a pillow in your handwriting – a sure treasure!
  • Birthday Pillow!  We’ve created pillows that are perfect for birthday parties.  All guests sign the pillow, which then becomes a special legacy gift for the birthday boy or girl.

Christmas ’13 “Frosty”

Cost is $20 for a pillow case.
[Fits any 12″ X 16″ pillow form.]  

We will also have pillow inserts available
for $8 at the open house.

The following are examples of some of the fabric options that will be available on the 26th.


“Pink & Gray”


“Cars & Trucks”

birthday 1

“Chevron Birthday”

flower and stripe

“Flower and Stripe”




“Pink on Vine”


“Teal Sugar”

and several more…   See you Saturday!


  1. Love…love…love! This is a treasure.

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