Fletcher and the Falling Leaves

Author:  Julia Rawlinson
Illustrator:  Tiphanie Beeke

cover-fletcherLittle Fletcher Fox is worried!  He had been enjoying the beautiful changing of the season to autumn until… he noticed his favorite tree.  Fletcher doesn’t understand why his once lovely, colorful friend has turned brown and is losing all its leaves.

He tries catching the leaves as they are tossed about by the wind.   In vain he attempts to tie them back onto the tree.  Even Fletcher’s friends squirrel and porcupine seem to be against him as they rush about gathering up the leaves and scurrying off.  Sadly, Fletcher carries the last leaf home, planning to  care for it until spring for his tree friend.

Days pass and Fletcher continues to visit his tree.  One day, however, he is amazed at the magical sight that awaits him.  Fletcher is filled with surprise and wonder at what winter has done to his tree.  He begins to realize the beauty that each season brings and how necessary it was for  his tree to experience the changes that autumn brought.

The pastel illustrations in this sweet story make it truly  magical and wonderful to behold!

fletcher 2

fletcher 3

Mary Byrne Kline

Questions to ask your child:

1. What changes take place in autumn?

2. Why do you think squirrel and porcupine may have taken the leaves?

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