Sophie’s Squash

Author:  Pat Zietlow Miller
Illustrator:  Anne Wilsdorf

It isn’t every day that someone finds the perfect friend.  One just right to hold and cuddle.  Just the right size to love.  Sophie couldn’t have been happier.  Her parents, however, were a bit concerned.  Sophie’s new best friend, you see, was … a squash.


When it was time to make supper, Sophie’s mother looked at the squash.
She looked at Sophie.

“I call her Bernice,” Sophie said.       “I’ll call for pizza,” said her mother.

Bernice went everywhere with Sophie – to story time at the library, shopping, to the market, and outdoors to play.   After many days she noticed that Bernice was softening and developing “freckles,” and talked to the man at the farmers’ market.  He told Sophie that squash kept healthy with fresh air and good, clean dirt.   That afternoon Sophie made a deep bed in the yard for Bernice and told her to get better soon.  During the night it snowed and Bernice was covered with a blanket of snow.


“Bernice seemed softer, and her somersaults lacked their usual style.”


“What keeps a squash healthy?” Sophie asked a farmer.


What Sophie finds sprouting in the garden in the spring will have you smiling.  But when summer comes and Sophie somersaults into a full grown plant of – oh, I don’t want to spoil the surprise!


This delightful story of a sweet,  unusual friendship had me laughing and warmed my heart.  I have since bought  several squash and put faces on them in order to better share this wonderful story.

Mary Byrne Kline

1.  Is a squash a fruit or a vegetable? How can you tell?
2.  What caused Bernice to get blotchy?
3.  Where did Bonnie and Baxter come from?

We decided that Bernice needed to come for a visit…  Here are our creations.

Davis' squash


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