Oh! What a Wonderful Day!

Horse Clouds

Clouds … who doesn’t love a flawless blue sky with big puffy clouds that make the imagination go wild?  In our family, we have seen dogs, ducks, dinosaurs, pigs, elephants, horses and countless other shapes and often a silly little song has resulted.  One of my kids favorite memories is their Daddy launching into a perfect rendition of “I’m just a little Black Rain Cloud” and sounding like Pooh Bear himself.  Even now, our children ask for him to sing it for them and their friends. How amazing is it that God can use so many things in His creation to bring joy and create fun memories for our children that last a lifetime.

As I ponder the many types of clouds that God has created~I am amazed at how clouds can be representative of life.  There are the beautiful puffy clouds that make our children think all is right in the world and there are the flat wispy clouds that make for a beautiful sunrise or sunset the God has painted in the sky. But what about storm clouds? You know, the ones that drive our children from wherever they are to be comforted and assured that all will be well once the angry clouds pass.  What another amazing opportunity to teach our kids that even something like clouds can teach us about the character of God and how He is with us on the beautiful days and rainy days of life. You do not have to be a musician to realize there is a wealth of ideas for little songs that can be made up about trusting God in the middle of storms or songs about the shapes of the clouds your children see as you all lay on your backs in the soft green grass. Try it … it is so much fun to see how creative your children are in those moments!

This little song is actually one that my daughter and I wrote for this month from her memories as a little girl and clouds! I will post the tune later as my little singers have been enjoying sunshiny, beautiful cloud days at Disney World and just got home last night!



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