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Over the past year, my five year old daughter has been able to make some very sweet friends who were not only in her preschool class but also in her ballet class. Their adorable little legs are pictured above. This group has been able to have a tight knit bond that I have not seen often with young children. I had mentioned in an earlier post about how I had anticipated that some of the things I would be sharing would come as a result of ways my own children are teaching me gratitude. Today is one of those.

One afternoon as I was preparing dinner, Caroline told me she wanted to send a letter to one of her friends. Much to my own surprise, I asked where she had gotten this idea from (as if it was some ancient tradition!). I could quickly tell that this was her own idea and it was very important to her to create something on her own (in this case a pretty, colored picture). The process of placing it in the envelope, addressing it, putting the stamp on, and walking outside to put it in the mailbox (and raising the red flag up) was extremely important to her. She told me she wanted to send a letter to her friend to tell her she loved her. This one letter has started a steady flow of writing for her that has even moved to sending her Grandmother’s a letter.


Watching Caroline send her creations in the mail has re-taught and reiterated to me how important a thoughtful, handwritten note placed in the mail can be! Out of Caroline’s love and gratitude for her friends and loved ones, came the desire to send them something beautiful to let them know she was thinking about them. You see in these technologically advanced years we live in, the art of sending a handwritten note can be forgotten. Many times text messages and e-mails that fly somewhere through the clouds into our personal devices (can you tell I still don’t understand how it all works?) replace what 20 years ago would have been mailed as a letter.


There is something so beautiful about seeing the handwriting of an individual that I love. There is something much more intimate in reading something that could only have been read by my eyes on the piece of paper I am holding instead of something typed that could be cut, copied, and even forwarded for many others to see. Take a little extra time today to pull out a pen and paper and send a note to someone you care about. Let your children see you what you are doing and ask if they would like to send someone special a letter, too. I promise, if the recipient is an adult, they will be so glad to see something other than a bill in the mail. Also, it is so exciting for a child to receive a letter! I am speaking to myself on this one, too, and am so grateful my five year old was able to speak to me through her actions. What a blessing to have God nudge us through our little ones.


ballerina photo credit: Mandy Johnson at

used with permission



  1. Love it!! Hand written letters are my favorite.

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