Author and Illustrator:  Tom Lichtenheld


“Morning, small-fry.”   “Hey, shortcake!”     “Hi, pipsqueak!”

Cloudette didn’t mind being called cute little names. After all, she was smaller than the average cloud.  Normally, being the smallest cloud seemed fine, but once in a while, when all the other clouds blew away to do something big and important, Cloudette felt left out.  She wished she could do big and important things too – like help a garden grow, make a brook babble or make a waterfall fall.  She especially thought of what fun it would be of she were a big snow cloud and could give kids a day off from school! But nobody needed a little tiny cloud.

Then one day a huge storm blows Cloudette far from her home. She doesn’t know where she is and hears a strange new noise. “r i b b i t”  She looks down at a dried up puddle of mud, where a single froggie is sitting.  This gave Cloudette an idea. . .

Little children, just like little clouds are capable of helping others.  We can all make a difference and perhaps along the way we will make new friends and have new adventures, just like Cloudette!

1. Do you know what perseverance means? How did Cloudette show perseverance?

2. What might have happened if the storm hadn’t blown Cloudette away?

3. What do these expressions mean:  “feeling blue”, “raining cats and dogs”?

Mary Kline

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