Cloud Dance

Author and Illustrator: Thomas Locker
From storm clouds to moonlit clouds to gray clouds that sometimes seem to cover the sky like a blanket – your journey through this amazing book takes you among the wonderful world of clouds.  Not only are clouds wondrous and always changing, but you will see their natural beauty revealed in every season.
“High, wispy clouds race in the autumn wind.”
“Winter clouds, low and thick, bring sparkling snow.”
But it’s the amazingly beautiful illustrations that will draw readers of all ages back again and again to this sweet book. If you look very carefully, you can find the family building a snowman in the fading light of day as the evening clouds roll in.  You can almost hear the thunder as you admire the page on storm clouds.
In the back of the book, you can learn more about the role that clouds play in our world on the “ABOUT CLOUDS” page.  Then you may want to have some crayons or paints on hand, because you will probably feel inspired to make your own cloud paintings. If you do, please send us a picture of them – we’d love to see them!
Mary Kline

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