The Cloud Book

Author and Illustrator:  Tomie de Paola

9780823402595_xlgIf you think clouds are in the sky just to be big and puffy, make interesting and unusual shapes and blow around, you had better read this book!  It is FULL of things about clouds that I am sure you didn’t know.  Okay, I suppose you knew that clouds tell us about coming changes in the weather. But…did you know that there are 10, yes, 10 different kinds of clouds? WOW! You will find out what clouds are called “mares’ tails” and “bed-sheets”.

There are some fun and interesting myths in the book also.  Fog was once believed to have been a large white bear who drank too much water and burst!

So, get your “head out of the clouds” and read this humorously appealing book.

Mary Kline

Questions to help develop critical thinking skills:

1.  What is fog?
2.  Can you tell me the difference between the three main types of clouds?
3.  Do you think the myths of the ancient Greeks were true? Why?

With younger children, take a walk on a sunny day when there are lots of clouds in the sky.
Questions to ponder:
Are all the clouds going the same direction?
Do they always travel in that direction?
Are they all traveling at the same speed?
Have any of them formed familiar shapes?

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