Cloudy with a Chance of Soapsuds



My oldest son started Kindergarten this year and has gotten his first taste of science in his daily activities.  In trying to foster this new interest of his, this month’s craft is more like an experiment with fantastic floofy results.

Here is what you’ll need for your cloud experiment:

  • Bar of Ivory soap (we bought a three pack and used them all since we were having SO much fun)
  • Sharp knife
  • Cutting board
  • Microwave (Our microwave has a large removable glass plate which contained the mess very well and allowed us to bring out our experiment easily)


Cut your bar of soap into quarters.



Place one quarter of the bar of soap on the center of the microwave plate (or put it on a glass plate and stick that into the microwave).  Obviously all microwaves vary a bit with their heating times but we achieved our desired results in  about 75 seconds.  What are those results you may ask?  Your very own cloud!



Levi thought it was warm paper towels even though he supervised the whole experiment.



Of course the boys, like all little boys I’m sure, wanted to smoosh it.



The best part of this experiment was how wonderfully clean they both smelled after the project!




I’d love to see photos of your little ones with their soap clouds.  Stop by and share your experience with us on the Fireflies Facebook page!

Author: Rachel Skvaril
Sugar Artist
Fondant Flinger

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