The Cloud Spinner

Author:  Michael Catchpool
Illustrator: Alison Jay

Cloud SpinnerFor anyone who loves and appreciates clouds, especially those who are adept at “cloud-spotting” odd and wonderfully unusual creatures, this book is for you!  Not only do we have a young boy who appreciates clouds – he actually weaves cloth from the clouds with his spinning wheel and loom. Oh!  Such beautiful thread he is able to pull from the clouds he loves. With the rising sun, he spins gold, the afternoon clouds provide him with white and in the evening he spins a rosy crimson.  Our young friend is wise and spins just enough thread to weave cloth for two scarves; one to protect him from the heat of the sun, the other from cold, harsh winds.

Knowing the value of the clouds, he sings as he works:
“Enough is enough and not one stitch more.”

But one day in the market place the Greedy King eyes the lovely scarf of gold and crimson and demands the boy to begin making clothes for him.  Sadly, the young boy obeys.  Soon the King, Queen and Princess are clothed magnificently, but there are no longer any clouds in the sky. The cows are thirsty and the crops are dying. The Greedy King must be stopped. It may surprise you to find out who rescues the situation.

Sometimes we see things we really want to have. But it’s wise to remember when
“Enough is enough.”


 Mary Byrne Kline

 Questions to help develop critical thinking skills:

1. Could this story be true? Why not?
2. Explain why the cows were thirsty and the crops were dying when the clouds were all gone.
3. What does “enough is enough” mean?

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