Author & Illustrator:  Holly Keller

2125471OH, DEAR!
Can friendship survive gossip?

Little Mouse has heard some very troubling news.  Maybe it’s just a rumor.  But since the news was told to him by his friend Skunk, it must be true.   After all, Skunk heard it from Fox, who heard it from… well, you know.  The news is mostly troubling because it is about Mouse’s friend Snake.  “Snakes are dangerous, especially to mice.”

Should friends stick together, no matter what?

Mouse’s friend Hedgehog tries to help. “That’s silly gossip. You know Snake would never hurt you.”  But as Mouse nervously walks along, not watching where he’s going, he falls into a hole and is s-t-u-c-k!  Try as they might, Rabbit, Hedgehog and Squirrel are unable to free Mouse from the dark hole.  Can a friend whose feelings have been hurt still care enough to help a friend in trouble?

There is an old saying that goes like this. “A friend in need is a friend indeed.”  Who do you think rescued Mouse?  There is a sweet picture of two unlikely friends hugging at the end of this story that helps us understand that not everything we hear about others may be true.
Mary Byrne Kline

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