When Frog and Toad sing …


Friendship makes for beautiful music in a child’s soul.

One can often hear random humming or a simple melody pouring out of a child when they are secure in a friendship. It bubbles up from their very core and creates memories that paint “forever” pictures of skipping hand in hand on the way to each other’s house, eating ice-cold popsicle on the back porch on a hot day, laying on tummies by a pond searching for tadpoles, riding bikes with the wind running through their hair … TOGETHER.

The playing of a familiar song brings to mind a favorite childhood memory of mine with my precious friend, Lisa.  There she was … standing in the huge hotel lobby in NYC waiting for ME. My heart started beating a happy tune as I raced for my friend and threw myself into her waiting arms.  At the age of 8, we didn’t have a lot of history together, but enough for me to know that she was going to be my forever friend.  We were there to record a children’s musical, but at that moment she was simply MY FRIEND. Our moms saw and cultivated that friendship between us.  Today, Lisa and I have a lifetime of sharing giggles, secrets, memories and a LOT of music.

Friendship is a gift!  It is a treasure that is rare and delightful.

Not every friendship that your child will have will be like “Frog and Toad”.  But as a parent, when you are hearing music trickle over from a happy heart in your child, take note of who they are with and cultivate that friendship!  As I have learned, those kinds of friendship could last a lifetime!IMG_0551


LYRICS: “You and ME”  [pdf.file]

 “You and Me” on YouTube!




  1. Beverly Page says:

    Hi Jodi. Greetings from Indianapolis. I have been listening to your “Secure” CD over the past few weeks, and thought – Why don’t you try to contact Jodi?!! I am really enjoying your music. It is soothing to my soul. How are you and your family? Page and Ritz families are doing well.
    Blessings, Beverly Page

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