The New Arrival

Author & Illustrator:  Vanya Nastanlieva

New Arrival

Theme: You + Me = Friends

There was once a hedgehog named Sam.

Our dear little hedgehog sets out to find a perfect home, which he does, in a hollow tree. Well, it was perfect except for just one thing – he has no friends. As Sam sets out searching through sunny meadows, under dark bushes and around big trees he is unaware that so many forest animals are watching him in fascination.  Finally, in desperation, Sam uses his quills to pin notes up on trees which read, “Wanted: A Friend. Hedgehog at the Hollow Tree”.  But when a storm blows his notes away, poor Sam worries he will never find a friend. And now his quills are gone!  Could there be a surprise waiting for Sam when he returns to his hollow tree after the storm?
Sometimes taking risks to make new friends is worth “losing a few quills,” as Sam found out.  And as one friend said, “I like you without quills ’cause hugging you doesn’t hurt.”
Mary Byrne Kline
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  1. Another cute story!!!!!!!!!!! Amazon here I come!!

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