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 “An Interesting Story,” oil 1867
by Leon-Jean-Bazille Perrault , French (1832-1908)

Isn’t this precious?  This oil painting from 1867 is a lovely representation of this month’s theme, “Friends.”   The artist has captured the essence of something deep within us that loves to share a good book with a best friend. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and I believe this one speaks volumes.  The subjects may be dressed differently than we dress now, but this painting captures a bit of life we still cherish and hopefully can communicate visually through art with our children.


1. Which girl is looking at you?  (The one on the left.)  Which girl is looking down?  (The girl on the right.)

2. Which girl do you notice first?  (The girl on the left that is looking at us.  We tend to make eye contact with the girl looking at us.  Her direct gaze captures our attention and draws us into the painting.  We call that a focal point.)

3.  What color is the girl on the left wearing?  (She has on a red cape.  The red also draws our eye and gives her more importance.)

4.  What do you like about this painting?  (Answers will vary.)

5.  Do you have a friend you like to share stories with?

We hope you and your child(ren) will enjoy this painting by the French artist Leon-Jean-Bzille Perrault and share special times talking about this meaningful piece of art.  May it spark many great conversations and warm memories.


Laura Bird Miller, artist/art instructor

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