Little Polar Bear Finds a Friend

Polar Friend

Theme:  You + Me = Friends

Author & Illustrator:  Hans de Beer

Lars, the little polar bear, is white all over – just like his father. In fact, at the North Pole, where Lars lives, everything is white, because the North Pole is covered with ice and snow. Lars spends most of his time swimming in the icy water and diving for fish.  But even this gets to be tiring after days and days. Lars wants a friend.  There’s just one big problem. No one else lives near Lars at the North Pole.  So Lars decides to set out for a walk, or perhaps I should say an adventure, to find a friend. Before he’s gone very far, our little Lars is captured in a hunter’s trap!
How Lars gets to meet a walrus, an owl, some beavers, several elk, raccoons and many other animals is something you’ll just have to read to believe. But his biggest and best surprise of all is Bea, a little brown bear. Soon Lars, Bea and the huge walrus begin the long journey back towards home.  When they arrive, Bea isn’t sure Lars’s parents will let her stay because she isn’t a polar bear. “That’s silly,” said Lars’s father. “Bears are bears.”
The sweet friendship that develops as the three travel shows that working together and helping one another is always the right choice to make. And in life, and in friendships, some of us are polar bears, some of us brown bears – but let’s remember what Lars’s father said, “Bears are bears.”
Mary Byrne Kline







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