George and Martha

Author and Illustrator: James Marshall
6a00e550e99ce58834011571185c63970b-500wiHearing the names George and Martha usually gives us the mental image of our first president and his spouse. And undoubtedly there are interesting stories written about their lives. However, the series of George and Martha books by James Marshall were created to entertain and delight readers of all ages.  Just looking at the books will have you intrigued as you find yourself smiling at two portly hippopotamuses.
Once when George lost his nerve to jump off the high board at the pool,
Martha climbed up the ladder.
“Now what?” said George.
“I’ll go first,” said Martha.
And she jumped off.
Martha caused quite a splash. Everyone was impressed.
And no one noticed how George got down.
In a humorous and lighthearted way, George and Martha show us what it means to be a true friend. Their simple antics are common problems children face with friends on a daily basis.  These books are perfect for reading aloud and the illustrations are sure to bring a chuckle.
Mary Byrne Kline

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