Frog & Toad are Friends

Author and Illustrator:  Arnold Lobel
images     My best friend is a night-owl while I enjoy the tranquility of early mornings. She thrives on ice-cold diet cokes, me – steaming hot coffee. The TV drones on as she works while I crave silence in order to think. She is a genius with technology, but as for me, well, let’s just say “I try.” Our friends (and probably our husbands) may wonder at our relationship, but regardless of our differences, Deni and I will always be there for each other. 
     For over three decades Frog and Toad have been delighting children of all ages with their tales of friendship. Though opposite in so many ways, these two continue to bring joy to each other through adventures that are perfect for reading aloud together.  From their search for Toad’s lost button to a summertime swimming adventure, you’ll be delighted with all the exciting things they experience.


     As young children are making friends, these stories can be foundational in sharing how special each of us is in our own way. We all bring something special to a friendship and our differences only add to the fun of  learning  about one another. Being who we are is OKAY!  And like Frog and Toad, being a friend means always being there for each other.
Mary Byrne Kline


  1. Gotta love snail mail….how cute is this story!

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