Water Music

That moment when you hear the exhilarating tunes emanating from the bathroom when you realize your little one is singing with complete abandon on the potty! I don’t know any parent who would not dive for their smart phone to capture that pristine solo and keep it in a memory bank for recall at any given moment.  It’s a memory glued together with the music.

jason potty2

Music has the ability to move our child’s heart away from their natural preoccupation with self and transport them to a place of beauty, imagination, praise and worship.

I often wonder what symphony that God was orchestrating when He created my babies and wonder if the angels might have been singing along!  I will be the first to admit that as a mommy, I wanted my children to pop out as amazing musical prodigies.  I was “that mom” who would play various genres of music during my pregnancies in hopes of raising their creativity, IQ and well-rounded little people.

The wonderful thing about music is that you can take it with you … ANYWHERE!  In the car, around the table, during family devotions, in the bedroom during nighttime prayers, and even in the bathroom (great acoustics when the bathtub is full of water).

Each month, we will give you a fun, catchy tune in keeping with the Catching Fireflies theme.  Take a listen, play it for your child, sing it with them and let me know what you think!

“Music My Heart is Light”  (.pdf file)


Chasing Fireflies YouTube Channel


  1. Love it! Cute performers too! Just discovered your blog. Looks like a great place for fun and meaningful information!

  2. Love this! So sweet and catchy. Let’s hope my boys can sit still long enough for me to try and teach them this today. 🙂

    • Jodi Ries says:

      Hope you will have fun learning it! I think it would be so neat to let them yell “God is great”! They are boys after all!

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