Caroline’s Angel

Three years ago, on a warm summer evening, our two year old little girl disappeared. We had been sitting on our side porch while Abbey, our second oldest, was training for cross country. Caroline had been going in and out of the house grabbing toys when we noticed we had not seen in her a little while. Little did we know, she had seen Abbey run by and decided to follow her.

After a frantic ten minutes of running around screaming her name, having multiple neighbors help in the search, and even a phone call to 911…our baby girl was found safe and whole! A precious Grandma neighbor of our’s, whom we had not met until that evening, had found her! It was truly a God story at how the Lord prompted her to go outside to her backyard because she had heard “thundering loud footsteps” and had to see who they belonged to. When she saw Caroline’s bare feet running quietly down the middle of the street, she followed her until she was able to catch up to her two blocks later.

This story has become a defining moment of Caroline’s life and she is beginning to understand the watch-care of the Lord. It has helped her to know that even when Mommy or Daddy can’t be with her, God is with her. She now lovingly refers to our neighbor as her angel.

We don’t know much about her story, but we do know that her husband passed away about a year ago and she must be lonely at times. So, Caroline had the idea to take her some flowers. We ran by a flower shop on the way home and grabbed some white peonies. Seemed like the perfect flower for such a beautiful southern lady. We trimmed the stems and placed them in a blue mason jar. We walked over and knocked on her front door and she was home! We told her we had been talking about how grateful we are that she saved Caroline’s life. She will forever be Caroline’s angel.

Is there an older lady or man who lives close to you that you and your children could bless by going to visit them? There is something so sweet about the way older people react to children. There is so much to be gained when spending time with older and wiser grandparent types and you just might brighten their day, too!

Caroline & Will

Caroline & Will


  1. Wow, what a great story! Thanks for sharing. Read it to the kids and they want to take something to our neighbor who is older and lives alone. Thanks for the blessing.

  2. Laura Lee Groves says:

    A great way to teach your children how to be a blessing!

  3. What a great story! Even if you have no children, visit those that may be lonely. It can really brighten their day!

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