Masterpiece Conversations: “Sun Water Maine”


“Sun Water Maine,” 1922, by Georgia O’Keefe
pastel on paper laid down on board.

1. Where is the darkest area of the painting?Sun-Water-Maine-2
(In the foreground or FRONT of the painting.)

2.  Why would the waves be darker up front and lighter in the background? 
(Because you can’t see things as well when they are far away, so they look lighter.)

3.  Where are the largest waves?
(In the foreground or FRONT of the painting. )

4.  Why do you think the artist made the waves bigger
in the front of the painting and smaller in the back of the painting?

(Because things look smaller when they are further away and larger when they are closer to you.)

5.  Is the whole sun in the painting? 
(Yes and no!  The top of the sun touches the top of the page but the “rays” come off of the page. )


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