Story Box: Water, Water, Everywhere!

I love  my “Tell Me a Story” Box.  I also love it when you send us a picture of your Story Box.  Thank you for sharing your new storytelling experiences with us.   Not sure what a Fireflies’ Story Box is?  Begin with this earlier post.


This month’s theme is Water, Water, Everywhere.   So off I went to the craft bin and pulled out several pieces of felt.  I love the idea of offering different shades of blue.  If you have ever had the opportunity to visit the Caribbean or the Mediterranean, you know that water can be glorious shades of blue and green.   So why not offer your child water color options as well?  I cut the pieces I had on hand into various water shapes.  (Just what IS the shape of water?)

I decided to also put in some sea life figures that I had purchased from the much visited Michael’s Craft Store cheap wooden objects aisle. After I added a rock, so that the story action could take place in and out of the water, I was all set for another TMAS experience.   You can hear our storytelling adventure on a Chasing Fireflies’ August podcast.

Listen to our first Tell Me A Story podcast here.

After reading The Pout-Pout Fish (see review) together I asked a few of the questions listed below,  to set a foundation for our storytelling experience.  As I put this special book back on the shelf, my eyes “spotted” the TMAS box and we were off on our adventure.


This month’s Story Box objects

  • Felt pieces – shades of blue
  • Sea Life
  • Rock
    Can you think of something else? Remember to offer only a few simple items.  Too many items will overwhelm your child.

NOTE:  To all Orlando area readers, all children attending the August 7th Chasing Fireflies Storytime at Coffee & Canvas will be receiving their own TMAS Water, Water Everywhere kit!   For more information EMAIL us or download and mail in the REGISTRATION form.

The Pout-Pout Fish
Questions based on Bloom’s Taxonomy

Remembering:  Recalling information.Pout Pout Fish
Who were the characters in the story?
What was wrong with Mr. Fish?
Who were his friends?
Where did Mr. Fish and his friends live?

Understand:  Explaining ideas or concepts.
Why was Mr. Fish sad?
Explain the meaning of sad.
Do you ever feel like Mr. Fish?

Apply:  Breaking information into parts in order to understand meaning and relationships.
What is the opposite of sad?
How did his friends feel about Mr. Fish?

Analyze:  Using information in another familiar situation.
How would you help Mr. Fish?
Give three reasons why you might pout?
Tell me about a time when a friend helped you.

Evaluate:  Justifying a decision or a course of action.
What would you do if you were Mr. Fish?
Why do you think friends are important?
Which character did you like best? Why?
Are you like Mr. Fish or any of his friends?

Create:  Generating new ideas
What changed Mr. Fish’s feelings?
Think of another way the story could have ended?
What makes us all different?
What makes us all the same?

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