Water Play Pipes

Water play for your little ones… A fun project that is inexpensive and easy to make – what could be better?  In keeping with our Water Play theme for July, why not make the following?


Materials needed

Suction cups
I purchased a bag of 5 large, clear suction cups for around $2.00.

PVC pipe sections and fittings  
I found these at Lowes for under a dollar.   I bought two different sizes to experiment with which worked better.   I  wondered if the suctions would hold the larger pieces.  

This ended up being optional.   A couple of the holes we made were a bit too big, so the glue came in handy.  But for the smaller pipes, the glue was not needed.

Here are some pictures of the process as well as the end product.


I drew circles on the pipes just to help out the fine young man (aka husband ‘o mine) who agreed to help.



The final reveal!   All I need now is some water and some little ones…  Can’t wait.   EMAIL us a picture of your water-play-pipe-masterpieces for a chance to receive a copy of  The Pout-Pout Fish book.


This turned out to be a “two thumbs up” project.

A note:  One of the larger pipe pieces did not want to stick to the side of the tub.  I’m not sure if the suction cup was faulty or we needed an extra one. I might have tried to place it on the curve of the tub.  Not sure – but one out dud out of 12 isn’t bad.

pipes1Chasing Fireflies Water Play for July!

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