Gil Moegerle, Co-Founder

Chasing Fireflies Podcasts

We are so thrilled to have Gil join us as host of our Chasing Fireflies Podcasts.  One of his many passions is equipping children to communicate effectively and with confidence.  His other passions are his three children and five grandchildren.

About Gil

Gil Moegerle has served for 40 years in the communications field. He is currently an adjunct professor of corporate communications. For 18 years he was a senior communications project manager for Southern California Edison, one of the nation’s largest electric utilities. In that role he managed many of the company’s relationships with journalists of leading national and California media outlets and served as one of the corporation’s senior spokespersons. Prior to joining Edison, Moegerle served in marketing communication with CompUSA, as a senior vice president of the international nonprofit organization Focus on the Family, producing and co-hosting the organization’s daily radio program, and as vice president of the Domain Advertising Agency.

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