Kevin Bartle

Masterpiece Conversations

Kevin Bartle loves looking at things from a unique perspective, a different angle, and a deeper view. Kevin is excited to guide the Fireflies Blog followers in a closer exploration of great works of art — hopefully inspiring some of their very own! Kevin’s heart for learning is put to use weekly teaching art to elementary age students at a Christian school. Kevin also serves as the youth pastor for his home church. Kevin is currently enrolled in seminary pursuing a Master of Divinity degree.

“The art I create is not amazing. It is not profound or in danger of being labeled a masterpiece. However, there is a quality that makes it special… It’s mine. Others may not ‘see it’ or agree, but my art comes from my heart and mind and therefore means a great deal to me. I hope to be able to teach each and every student it is not as important how others see your accomplishments, but how we see our own.”

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