Podcast: About “Tell me a Story” Box

Gil and Deni discuss the importance of providing oral language experiences for young children, and explain the Fireflies’ “Tell Me a Story” Box.

Listen as Deni and 5-year-old Davis share a “Tell Me a Story” legacy moment.  Chasing Fireflies Podcast Icon

Check out the
to see the TMAS prompts.

The Chasing Fireflies Podcasts expand on thoughts and ideas expressed on The Fireflies Blog. [FirefliesBlog.com] In each episode, we will deepen the discussion of why we decided to create a blog to support young families and what beliefs inspired us to want to

create family legacy moments that encourage children to communicate with confidence and view the world with a sense of wonder.”


  1. Love the story of Red Robin and Sunflower! It’s adorable and you can hear the imagination of little Davis growing as he speaks.

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