Review: Three Hens and a Peacock

Author: Lester L. Laminack
Illustrator:  Henry Cole

“How come we do all the hard work and he gets all the attention?”  Hm-m-m, sounds as though there is some jealousy brewing on the Tuckers’ Farm.  It wasn’t as though the peacock intended to start any trouble. He just spread his fancy tail feathers and began shrieking. How was he to know that folks from all over would stop to admire him, and while they were, they’d also buy fresh produce from Tuckers’ Farm.

Meanwhile, the hens were sweating it out in the henhouse. Squawking and flapping their wings, they complain, “I suppose fancy feathers are more important than laying eggs.”  At the suggestion of the old hound, the idea for the peacock and the hens to trade places for a day is decided upon. The illustrations of the hens all gussied up and the peacock attempting to lay an egg are delightful!

Will things ever get back to normal?

Mary Byrne Kline

Mary Byrne Kline

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