Sylvester and the Magic Pebble

Author & Illustrator:  William Steig

I wonder if any of the myriad of wishes I have wished have ever come true! I have wished on the first star of evening, four-leaf clovers, the wishbone in a turkey and more birthday candles than I care to remember. But whether or not I’ve seen some miraculous event follow any of my wishes – well, I’m afraid that hasn’t yet happened.

Sylvester, however, DOES find that magic pebble that changes everything for him!  As an avid collector of pebbles of unusual shape and color, he is always on a quest for one that is extraordinary.  One rainy Saturday afternoon he finds a flaming red, shiny and perfectly round pebble.  Examining it, Sylvester wishes it would stop raining and immediately the rain stops. His newfound power continues to be quite an adventure, until he mistakenly wishes himself to turn into a rock. With no way to touch the magic pebble and reverse his wish, Sylvester is helpless while his parents have no idea what or where he is.

What will happen to Sylvester? How will his parents possibly find him? Will the magic pebble be able to help them?  I will tell you that something as simple, yet wonderful as a picnic lunch will be the happy ending to Sylvester’s story!

Often we make wishes for things that really aren’t important at all. Sylvester learned he was truly grateful, not for things he could wish for, but for what he had all along.

Mary Byrne Kline
“What a lucky day this is!” thought Sylvester.
 From now on I can have anything I want.

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