Moments: Mom Rocks!

As a mom, I spend a lot of time loving what my kids love; pushing them on a swing, putting together a puzzle, reading a favorite book over and over again, and playing a video game that I am surely going to lose.I look for ways to connect with them as individuals knowing each of them is unique. One loves quality time, one loves words of affirmation, one loves some good snuggle time.

This morning I was aware that the roles were reversed. My third son Jacob asked if he could get me my coffee.He then brought it to me in the mug he had bought me for Christmas. As I drank it and thought about his thoughtful gesture, I realized he was loving me in the way he knew I’d appreciate it. An act of service and a hot cup of coffee .

Acts of love bear sweet fruit.

Enjoy your moments.

Lanise Santala


  1. Madera Gray says:

    My kids got me a mug like this and my brother in law broke it. I need another one and can’t find them. Where did you get this one?

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