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Miss Rumphius

Author and Illustrator: Barbara Cooney On a balmy day in Bath Maine, in July 1989, a soft-spoken woman with a snow white braid winding through her hair, became my friend. Her name was Barbara Cooney. Several of my … Read More


The hurricane is over but the clean up continues at our house (Orlando, FL). While taking a break from picking up tree limbs and pieces of the house which have been scattered about the yard, I decided to go through … Read More

Book review: Charlotte’s Web

Author: E.B. White Illustrator: Garth Williams It's ironic that I chose this book as one of my favorite children's books, being that the heroine is the very thing I fear the most - a spider! And yet Charlotte has … Read More

“Eeny, meeny, miney, moe…”

When Deni told me our theme for September was "My Favorite Book," I thought she must be kidding. Seriously?! That's like asking me to choose which of my four sons is my favorite! (Although I think he knows who he is!) … Read More

Miss Nelson is Missing

What a great book to compliment Gil's latest Heritage2Legacy podcast, My Favorite First (Controlling) Teacher.  If you haven't met Miss Nelson and/or Viola Swamp then let me be the first to introduce you to them both.   … Read More

Thank You, Mr. Falker

As school begins soon (or maybe you have already sent your little ones out the door for their first day of school) we are thinking about teachers - amazing, memorable teachers.   Real quick - who is one of your favorite … Read More

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