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Stone Soup

Author/Illustrator: Marcia Brown 12,487 Ideas on PINTEREST to use with Stone Soup (slight exaggeration...) This delightful story provided me with a fun teaching opportunity with my first graders every year.  While … Read More

Because of Thursday

Author & Illustrator:  Patricia Polacco  What could cooking and luck possibly have to do together? Do you believe in luck? Have a lucky song you sing when you're feeling down? Perhaps you carry a good luck charm … Read More

A Fine Dessert

Love this story - love the illustrations... don't ask me which I love more.   The simple storyline, based on the oldest dessert in western culture (over 300 years old) combined with the detailed illustrations by Sophie … Read More

Pumpkin Soup

This is a sweet book about a family, a friendship and a favorite soup - not too salty...just right!  With a recipe in the back of the book, Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper fits perfectly into this month's theme.   Read and … Read More

Our October Booklist

Our theme for this month is Fall Leaves Here is a booklist to take to your local library.  It's full of our favorite books including my latest find - and what a find it is.  Fall Walk by Virginia Brimhall Snow. … Read More

Favorite Books & Enchanted Attics

Favorite Childhood Books and Enchanted Attics By Gil Moegerle September 26, 2017 Why, when we were children, were attics magical? Why did they trigger our imaginations the moment we stepped through those creaking … Read More

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